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Book By Lucas:

7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power: Your Clear Guide to a Better Life

In this new bestseller, author Lucas Roy Lehman reveals his life-changing concept of personal power and provides an eye-opening analysis of the impacts that our current cultural mindsets have in disempowering us.

Personal power & intimacy coaching

Your life, by its very nature, is a growth process. And to be alive, to thrive, requires MORE.

If you’re not expanding who you are and the impact you’re having on your world, then you’re not thriving. If you’re not increasing the treasures you have and the pleasures you experience, then you’re not thriving.

Are you going to change your life?

Are you a man with some Big Decisions to make?

Finding your way in the world and with women is a huge part of your journey as a man. After spending decades spinning aimlessly trying to figure it out – I experienced a number of breakthroughs 15 years ago, and it is now my honor to help you and hundreds of others like you, to have the fulfilling life that you know is possible.

Both your relationship with women and your career are a reflection of a single thing: Your Personal Power. When you discover how to unlock this masculine power, both women and work will become clear and abundant for you.

Coaching with Lucas

Take an assessment to find out now.

So I can help you – the next step for you is to take the personal power assessment – it takes 3 minutes of your time.

The assessment will help you identify what you can’t see about yourself, show you how and why you’re losing energy, and make it clear where to focus going forward.

Then I’m going to make it clear what’s actually stopping you from achieving the confidence, clarity, and next big decision you need.

if you’re ready for expert intimacy coaching from a man’s perspective…THEN Intimacy Makeover is for YOU!

This program is based on years of research and experience working with couples just like you. I’ve helped countless individuals and couples improve their relationships and find true happiness together. And now, we’re excited to offer our expertise to you.

I understand that every relationship is different, and that’s why my program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you’re single and looking for love, navigating a difficult breakup, or seeking to strengthen existing relationships, I’ve got you covered.

Expert intimacy coaching program from a man’s perspective…

Intimacy Makeover

The program includes:

Personal power program with

Lucas Roy Lehman

This program is designed to help men to achieve their goals, take back control of their lives, find greater happiness and fulfillment, and unlock their full potential. Maybe you’re looking to make a career change, improve your relationships, or find greater purpose and meaning in your life, this program will help.

I’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to take your life to the next level. If you’re ready to start living the life of your dreams, sign up for my “7 Principles Of Personal Power Program” program today.

Program Offerings

coaching programs

For women - intimacy makeover

Helping Women to be fully expressed and empowered in relationships.

For men - 7 principle of power

Helping Men to gain more love, money, and adventure.

For Everyone - Mindfulness Session

Helping Everyone to live inspired, passionate, and fulfilling lives.

After working with hundreds of clients, here is

What my clients have to say...

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Luke for the past 2 years. Luke has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of insight, creativity, and professionalism that has enabled me to make tremendous strides forward in my life, both professionally and personally. If you’re ready to move forward with your life and wish to be supported and challenged in a unique way – you can’t have a better coach and guide than Luke.”

Woody N., Watsonville, CA

“After years of basic talk therapy with a therapist I loved and respected, I saw that although I felt better after my sessions with her, I had made almost no changes in regards to how I was living my life. I left therapy, began working with Luke, and saw the difference and the results immediately. With each and every one of my sessions with Luke, I have been able to make the kinds of positive changes in my daily life that I would consider nothing short of transformational.


“Luke has a uniquely honest and balanced perspective of the world. I knew that anything I said would be met without judgment. Also, equally as important and unique: I knew he would (gently and with humor) call me on my bullshit! I learned to see my own true desires, so I could stand my ground. As a result we are moving forward and I am getting everything I wanted in love. Life is pretty sweet right now!”

Rachel M., NYC

“I worked with Luke for a period of 6 months. We investigated my sense of masculinity and the doubts I was having about my relationship of 15 years. He was diligent, sensitive, empowering, and challenged my behaviors and beliefs. He met me where I was on every one of our sessions and pushed me to move deeper into my sense of power. He invited me to review my gifts and also looked into my shadow and unconscious corners.

D.C., San Diego, CA

Hi, I am

Lucas Roy Lehman

Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Lucas Roy Lehman is an international speaker, and intimacy and personal power coach, and leads trainings on sex, and money, and power. He is a certified co-active coach and leadership trainer through Coaches Training Institute; and a certified Tantra educator through both Source School of Tantra and Ipsalu Tantra.

He has studied with world renowned sexual energy masters Margo Anand and Mantak Chia, as well as David Deida, a pioneer of the modern men’s movement.


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more money more love more conficence more motivation
more money more love more conficence more motivation
more money more love more conficence more motivation
more money more love more conficence more motivation